The 4th Lijiang International Forum on Pharmaceutical Sciences

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The 4th Lijiang InternationalForum on Pharmaceutical Sciences

October 29-30,2022 Guilin China


The 4th Lijiang International Forum onPharmaceutical Sciences will be hosted by the State Key Laboratory forChemistry and Molecular Engineering of Medicinal Resources of Guangxi NormalUniversity on October 29-30, 2022, in Guilin. The themes of this forum are: “(1)Development of natural medicinal resources and ethnic medicines; (2) Progress inmedicinal chemistry on the synthetic molecular and natural product derivatives.(3) Development of molecular pharmacology and molecular targeted therapy”.


The goal of this forumis to facilitate academic exchanges, cooperation and deepen friendship withinternational pharmaceutical researchers to discuss the recent progress in thefield of pharmacy through Invited speech, Flash and the poster presentation. Itis going to be an Online & Offline conference viaZOOM due to the severe impact of the pandemic of COVID-19 around the world.


Founded in 1932, GuangxiNormal University is a key provincial university located in the historicaltourist city of Guilin. It is co-funded by the Guangxi Provincial Governmentand the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Thanks to itsgrand history, beautiful campuses, modern teaching methods, advanced teachingphilosophy, the university has grown into a nationally renowned comprehensiveuniversity, featuring distinctive teacher education, well-developed basicscience and arts disciplines, and active international exchanges.State KeyLaboratory for Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Medicinal Resources wasfirstly established in 2001, and was authorized as the State Key Laboratory ofMinistry of China in 2016.


Located in thenortheast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is a world-famous touristcity for its scenic spots of the typical Karst Landform. It owns the largestairport in Guangxi. It is among the first listed famous national historical andcultural cities in China and enjoys the reputation that “East or west, Guilinscenery is the best”.


On behalf of theOrganizing Committee, We would like to extend a warm invitation to you injoining the conference on October 29-30, 2022. We are looking forward tomeeting you in Guilin or on Zoom. Thank you for your strong support !


                                                                                                                             Chairman of the conference: Hong Liang

                                                                                                                                      Co-chairman: Zhen-Feng Chen

Brief Schedule andConference Location

October 29-30 (Saturday-Sunday)GMT+8    08:30-12:00   14:30-18:00

Conference location: Lecture Hall of StateKey Laboratory for Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Medicinal Resourcesof Guangxi Normal University (Yucai Campus of Guangxi Normal University, No.15, Yucai Road, Guilin)

I. Other Description

     Theworking language is English.

    Sendabstracts (in English) to: before October 22, 2022. Abstractand speaker’s profile are attached in the attachment.

    No attendance fees are charged.

    Only those who submit the abstractand join us via ZOOM could get thecertification of attendance.

II. Contact Information of theConference

    Callus at:Zhen-FengChen (0086-13978321575),Wang Hengshan (0086-13978341769),Dong Liang (0086-15078326801)

    Contact information: 0086 -773-2535678/



                                                                      Organizing Committeeof the 4th LijiangInternational Forum on Pharmaceutical Sciences

                                                                                                                                        September 10, 2022





Introduction of Guangxi Normal University


Introduction of  State Key Laboratory for Chemistry and MolecularEngineering of Medicinal Resources